Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Muhammad Aizuddin Bin Anuar...

Muhammad Aizuddin Bin Anuar
Aizdean (Master's in Electronic Engineering)
a powerful singer with perfect english and sense of rhythm.
From the hard core rhythm of the R&B,
to the heart-warming type of ballads for the japanese,
the stage that he step upon mesmerizes everyone interweaving both english and japanese.
Non stop offer from all part of tokyo whether its a live house or club.
Starting to take the stage from the end of 2008,
he has done 200 gigs.
He also endorsed by Japanese Malaysia Association (JMA)
and Tourism Malaysia.
1) 30,000 download I need you baby
2) Nippon Broadcast Best New Comer

i'm proud to have a malaysian
be an J-pop artist..
lurve u AizDean...


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