Saturday, December 31, 2011

Quiz.. Is Falling in love is easy for you?...

Hello all my dear readers,
syida tgh count down nak
naik sekolah ni...
so sad..
i will miss my fb's n blogger's friends
a lot..
So.. my followers...
kat sini ader satu quiz..
syidah sediakan...

tajuk quiz ni...

best tak?
kalu korang nak join n tau jawapan nyer ape..
korang post jawapan korang tu kat comment box syida ye..
i'll give u answer
Do you really easy to fall in love or not...

Ni question dyer..

1)  If a guy/girl comes and professes his/her love for you,
         a) your heart melts
         b) you feel good, but nothingdoing tillyou know him/her better.

2) What is the most factor for you when it comed to selecting a partner?
         a) looks
         b) attitiude

3) Are you a die-hard romantics?
         a) yes
         b) not really

4) Do you hate being single?
          a) yes
          b) not really

5)  How many dates you usually take to fall in love with someone?
          a) At least one or two
          b) At least five or six

6) Do you believe in romance,the way it happens in movie?
         a) yes
         b) no

7) Do you believe in love at first sight?
         a) Yes
         b) No

8) Have you ever fallen for someone without knowing anything about him/her except his/her name?
         a) Once or twice
         b) Never

9) You first dates with others usually end with
         a) changing phone number
         b) nothing happen

nak tau jawapannyer..
post jawapan korang..
kat comment box..

eg...   1. a    2. a  3. ..

sekian terima kasih~

sye nak awak jawab..


  1. hehe~ mekaseh sudi tagged...nak jwb2!!

    1) of coz lha B!
    2) honestly A..hehe~terokkan? x pela..huh
    3 n 4) i prefer B~not really ..kakakaka
    5) A sudda ~ xbloey byk2..haha
    6) not really..=)
    7) 1st love ! believe~very2...=)
    8) honestly```A..haha..once jek
    9)nothing happen...=)

  2. @chibby_chepa
    ok chepa...
    ni jawapannyer.. jeng2~
    -no,falling in love is not very easy for u-
    *No, falling in love is not very easy for you. You don't tend to fall in love very easily. You prefer knowing the person before you start loving him*

  3. haha! tu lar yg saye mahu..thanks kak syida..hhaah..."not easy for me"..knowing him better..gagagag



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